Install energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies with no upfront costs.

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Introducing the CGE Sustain Program.

Energy upgrades such as LED lighting can significantly reduce your energy use, and clean technologies like solar panels can generate your own clean power on site.

If you’ve already been looking into these energy upgrades, or you just want to save on your growing energy expenses, the CGE Sustain program empowers you to make these goals possible, with no upfront costs.

Put your Energy Bills to work!

Offset your energy bills with clean energy.

Turn your monthly energy bills into a resource that will get your capital projects done. You are simply reallocating the money that you’ll save on your energy bills to offset your usage with clean, sustainable energy.

Every month, your utility bill is reduced, energy savings pay for the program, and the excess savings go to your bottom line. It’s that simple.

The solution for your goals

Better Bottom Line

From day one, energy savings produce positive cash flow.

Increase Operational Efficiency

If your infrastructure is in need of an upgrade, Sustain allows you to increase equipment efficiency and hold onto your capital.

Better Sustainability

Reduce your carbon footprint and meet your sustainability goals.

Better Public Relations

From case studies to energy monitoring, we give you the tools to promote your social impact.

Better Lighting

Your interior and exterior will be more inviting, safer and without maintenance.

Increase Productivity

Improvement in work environment is closely tied with improvement in the performance of workers.


Starting your CGE Sustain Project

Engineering and Design

We design an energy solution around your goals and engineer a properly-sized system for your needs.

Incentive and Financing Arrangement

We bring the financial means to make the project possible and apply any incentives to lower your cost.


Your CGE Sustain Project Installation

Project Management

We provide a turn-key project and manage all coordinating and invoicing, so you just have to focus on saving energy.

Product and Contractor Procurement

We utilize our relationships with leading product manufacturers and contractors so you can feel confident your paying a competitive price.


Your CGE Sustain Project is Installed

Full-Service Maintenance

We provide you with worry-free coverage, with all labor, materials and equipment included.

Energy Savings Guarantee

We stand behind our projects. If the energy savings we engineer ever fall short, we’ll make it right.

Our Customer Savings to Date

Energy Savings

Dollar Savings

C02 Prevented

Our Customers:

Thousands of businesses and organizations have empowered their goals

$238,000 more to invest into education.

Education: Madonna University

“By participating in the Sustain program, we are able to take that extra cash that we would have spent on our wasted energy, if you will, and put that into other projects.

- Karen Sanborn, Director of University Communications

Increased profitability by almost $45,000.

Manufacturing Facility: Accu-Shape Die Cutting

“Saying there is no capital cost investment is an automatic win for us. [With the Sustain program] we get lower costs on our electricity every month.”

- Joe Brooks, General Manager/COO