American Concrete Institute


Founded in 1904, the American Concrete Institute (ACI) is the leading authority and worldwide resource on concrete. As the main code-writing body for concrete in the United States, ACI not only recognized the need for addressing sustainability in the standards it produces, but also strived to lead by example by minimizing the environmental footprint of their Farmington Hills, Michigan headquarters.

ACI partnered with CGE Energy to help make their energy goals possible. After CGE investigated and engineered the optimal use of energy, ACI implemented an initiative to upgrade their interior and exterior lighting to energy efficient LED lighting. They also installed 90 kW of solar panels, which was enough to cover the entire roof of their building! As its most recent installation, ACI began generating additional independent power with a 50 kW Combined Heat and Power (CHP) natural gas generator.

Energy Saving Results

Having $0 invested with CGE Sustain, the American Concrete Institute was able to turn wasted energy expenses into increased profitability of $160,340 over the next 20 years. With no upfront cost due to the CGE Sustain program, ACI’s utility bill is reduced each month, and energy savings fully pay for the Sustain program. The excess savings go to ACI’s bottom line and further empower its mission to advance the adoption of its consensus-based knowledge on concrete and its uses.

“At American Concrete Institute, we are always advancing and staying at the forefront of the industry’s innovation. CGE Energy offered a comprehensive approach to energy and they delivered a solution that made sense for our entire energy system, not just one-off upgrades. Compared to other ways to fund the project, their Sustain program made the process straightforward and was fiscally sound.”

- Ronald Burg, Executive Vice President

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