Education & Nonprofit

Investing in the Future

We recognize and share the high priority that educational institutions and nonprofits place on sustainable action and social responsibility. It’s reflected in the way we do business. We believe in strengthening communities by creating opportunities for our customers to use energy more responsibly.

Integrated Solutions

Your energy decisions make a statement about the vision of your organization. The challenge is making these forward-looking choices within the realities of changing budgets and increasing energy costs. CGE Energy brings those goals into alignment with integrated energy solutions that save money and support the environment. Whether it’s efficient LED lighting, solar panels, wind generation or more, we bring the right blend of technologies for your needs.

Start Saving Now. No Hidden Costs.

CGE Energy offers lighting services through direct sale, financing or through our proprietary CGE Sustain energy management program. CGE Sustain allows for an upgrade to your lighting at no capital cost to you and will provide you an immediate positive cash flow. It is a reallocation of the energy bills you are already budgeted and paying for, so this goes right to your bottom line.

The only thing you pay for is the power you save or generate, at a rate that’s lower than your current energy bill.

Case Studies

We have had the honor to serve some of the region’s biggest nonprofits.

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Madonna University

10-Year Increased Profitability



Advanced Technology Academy

72% Savings

Before: $353,672

After: $99,028


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