McKenzie Bay International

McKenzie Bay International is now CGE Energy

Effective January 31, 2015 McKenzie Bay International has merged with Clean Green Energy LLC (DBA CGE Energy). Until FINRA approval, the stock will be traded under the OTC:MKBY ticker symbol.

Upon FINRA approving the merger, the currently-traded McKenzie Bay International name is changed to CGE Energy Inc. and FINRA will issue a new ticker symbol and cusip number. Additionally, a 1-for-25 reverse stock split will be enacted with the authorized limit of MKBY shares will be reduced from the current 300 million to 90 million shares, with 62 million shares being issued.

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Statements from the Former and New Presidents

“We are excited to enter this new chapter of being a publicly traded company by way of our now effective merger with McKenzie Bay. I thank Kevin Cook and the board for all their efforts throughout these last years. Just as they were, we are committed to increasing value for our current and future shareholders.”

Bryan Zaplitny, appointed President/CEO

“This is a very exciting time for McKenzie Bay as the merger with Clean Green Energy LLC is finalized. MKBY is essentially a new company with a new vision. The point is, we are now becoming a full-fledged energy company rather than a niche wind energy company. Our future is brighter than it’s ever been and the potential for MKBY is unlimited.”

Kevin Cook, former MKBY President

Stock Information

Directors and Officers

The following individuals have been appointed as directors of the corporation:

  • Mark Cecil, Kevin Cook, Craig Hancock, William Naubert, Michael Pollakowski, Paul Schneider, Derek Spangler, Gary Westerholm and Bryan Zaplitny.

The following individuals have been appointed as officers of the corporation:

  • Bryan Zaplitny, President/CEO
  • Gary Westerholm, Vice President, Finance
  • Paul Schneider, Vice President, Marketing
  • Kevin Cook, Secretary

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CGE Energy at a Glance

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