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CGE Energy CEO Files Form 4 Reporting $6M Stock Purchase


CGE Energy reported that its President and CEO, Bryan Zaplitny, purchased $6,000,000 of CGEI common stock. The transaction was reported to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) via Form 4 on December 3, 2019.

CGE Energy Issues Shareholder Letter Update


President/CEO Zaplitny Makes $6-Million Stock Purchase. Our plan is to grow significantly over the next 5 years by ramping-up resources, expanding geographically and completing the development of our wind turbine.

CGE Energy (CGEI) Unveils New Self-Powered 5G Cell Tower to Empower and Expedite Rural 5G Deployment

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CGE Energy, Inc. (OTCPink: CGEI) today unveiled its new sustainable, self-powered 5G cell tower infrastructure that is faster and more cost effective to deploy and operate. As renewable energy generation with battery storage, this innovative technology eliminates the expense to run power lines to remote locations and provides 99.999% uptime for mission critical applications. The technology is delivered on a flatbed truck, can be installed within days and is safer for the environment, wildlife and cell tower maintenance workers.

5G will be revolutionary to infrastructure and technology. 5G isn’t just about faster video streaming and improved communications, it will bring about nearly real-time speeds and will drive world-changing tech such as self-driving cars and remote surgery. Today, it’s estimated that nearly 30 million Americans still lack access to high-speed connectivity, many of those in rural areas and tribal lands.

“It’s our mission to ensure rural America can participate in this 5G future,” said Bryan Zaplitny, CGE Energy’s President/CEO, “With communities, federal and local governments, as well as technology innovators all stimulating this next Industrial Revolution, unique technologies like our self-powered cell tower solve the rural 5G infrastructure need in a sustainable way.”

The self-powered 5G cell tower provides opportunities for participating communities and helps telecom carriers and cell tower companies deliver their network coverage goals. It delivers significant advantages and cost avoidances, including:

  • At a height of 105 feet, the CGE cell tower is below the FAA height requirements and at a perfect height for 5G broadcast and line of site wireless communications.
  • Because of its small footprint and innovative hydraulic setup, there is no need to cut roads or bring heavy equipment to the site for installation.
  • The technology’s turbine blades remotely retract in severe weather conditions and then redeploy once conditions pass. This is also coupled with homeland security features.
  • Its unique, omni-directional turbine design (vertical axis) allows for power generation regardless of wind direction and in low wind situations.

CGE Energy’s self-powered cell tower technology will expedite the deployment of 5G in rural America and beyond. CGE Energy is ready to make an impact in a $700 billion global 5G market.

CGE Energy invites interested parties to be a part of this exciting 5G future. Learn more about how CGE Energy is helping sustainably empower it at

About CGE Energy, Inc.

CGE Energy, Inc. makes it easy for businesses, local governments, and non-profits to receive the benefits of sustainable energy with no upfront costs. CGE is a well-established Energy Service Company, providing comprehensive energy efficiency and renewable energy technology solutions such as solar, combined heat and power (CHP), LED lighting, wind and other technologies. CGE has now introduced a sustainable, self-powered 5G cell tower technology that empowers and expedites deployment of 5G in Rural America. To learn more visit

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