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CGE Energy Completes Fabrication of 1/10th Scale Prototype WIND-e20 Wind Turbine

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CGE Energy, Inc. (OTCPink:CGEI), the leading engineer of no capital cost energy solutions, announces the completion of a one-tenth scale working demonstration unit of its WIND-e20 vertical-axis wind turbine. With the 10-foot WIND-e20 prototype, CGE Energy can visually demonstrate the complete innovative installation process to interested parties that would not otherwise have the opportunity to experience the full-sized turbine in person.

WIND-e20, an innovative vertical-axis wind turbine, designed for distributed onsite energy generation. At 105 feet in height, this patented technology hurdles many of the barriers that face traditional wind turbines.

See the video of the WIND-e20 demonstration unit in operation, here.

Viewers can witness the demonstration unit hydraulically raise from ground level without the need of a crane, the blades remotely open to take their patented shape and watch the turbine spin at an optimal rotation speed of 80-RPM.

To enable these live demonstrations of the WIND-e20, CGE Energy’s engineering team, with assistance from Roush Industries, utilized the most advanced rapid prototyping technologies to fabricate the demonstration unit. Being well-equipped, Roush not only provides prototyped components for the demonstration units but also components of the 105-foot production turbines.

The CGE and Roush teams currently work on building other demonstrations units to facilitate pre-sales of the production WIND-e20 turbines.

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