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CGE Energy Backed by Global Bank to Fund Energy Projects


CGE Energy announced its backing from a major capital provider to fund energy projects. CGE’s financing partner—a global vendor finance company and subsidiary of one of the world's largest banks with total assets of over $900 billion—was not disclosed. Last year, the group helped CGE fund $7.7 million in sales.

CGE Energy Releases President’s Update for November 2016

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To you, a valued shareholder:

Leading up to November 8th, the state of much of the energy industry was in flux based on the result of this historic presidential election. Both candidates have very different views on climate change and where energy investments should be made. Many solar stocks took a hit after the election results.

The reassuring news for CGE Energy and its shareholders; the election outcome will not have any negative bearing on the growth and success of our company. In fact, a lifting of regulatory requirements help small cap companies like ourselves. Our solutions stand alone and our business model is structured as a “common sense” decision for our clients. Good stewardship should be common sense and not need to be forced with governmental controls and EPA regulations.

I would like take a moment to congratulate President-elect Donald J. Trump. While not always politically correct, he took a strong stand for putting America first and looks to fight for all of us as citizens of the United States. We need a common sense Commander-in-chief who believes in American freedom and prosperity. No matter your affiliation, we need to support the President-elect and pray for him to have wisdom and health as he governs our great country.

I want to highlight some of the “common sense” decisions we will provide more detail on in forthcoming press releases. Each of these business decisions makes good sense for our forward progress, offers a better experience for our customers and creates value for our shareholders.

  • WIND-e20 Pre-sales – Gearing up for WIND-e20 pre-sales, our engineering team has been hard at work manufacturing a 1/10th scale working replica of our patented WIND-e20 wind turbine. It is currently receiving final paint and finishing at Roush Industries, a recognized firm who has aided in this prototyping process. (Not to be confused with Burtek’s role) This 10-foot model will be the first prototype to travel domestically and internationally to help demonstrate and sign pre-sales of the 105-foot, 65 kW production units.
  • Corporate citizenship – “Do and empower responsible actions” is one of our written core values and is ingrained as part of our company culture. There has been a paradigm shift in the economy. From “green initiatives” to donating a percentage of a sale to charity, social responsibility is now expected by customers and stakeholders in every industry. We have been in development of an all-in-one social responsibility solution, which acts as an extension our CGE Sustain program and is the first of its kind in the industry.
  • Automate operations – We have partnered with a market leader in software and mobile development and have made a substantial investment in creating a proprietary energy solution management platform for CGE Energy. From initial proposal to ongoing maintenance service, this fully integrated system will make our operations more efficient and allow us to grow more rapidly.
  • More than financing – We are more than enthusiastic about a relationship with one of the leading global energy finance firms. They have uniquely collaborated on our CGE Sustain program and have given support on providing capital with no upfront costs for our qualified clients. With this, we can be viewed as in the business of offering “investments” into a facility’s sustainability instead of the traditional selling of a product.

Finally, I wanted to update you on the status of the certified audit of CGE Energy, Inc. After a thorough inventory of assets and a complete conversion of the last two years of financial statements, we are nearing the home stretch with our audit firm Zwick and Banyai. When complete, all of our disclosures will be in the format needed for the stringent reporting standards required going forward.

I look forward to providing further information that was briefly highlighted in this letter. We thank you for being a shareholder of CGE Energy. Remember, each of us have the “power to make a difference.”

Bryan Zaplitny, President and CEO

CGE Energy

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CGE Energy (OTCPink:CGEI) is the leading engineer of no capital cost energy solutions. Headquartered in Brighton, Michigan, the company integrates the optimal configuration of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies to meet their customers unique energy needs. Today the company serves customers in the U.S. and abroad, using energy technologies that include Cree LED lighting, their patented WIND-e20 wind turbine and leading solar generation technologies.

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