CGE Energy brings superior energy efficient technology to meet your interior and exterior lighting needs. Whether it’s Cree® LED upgrades, high-efficiency fluorescent retrofits or group re-lamping, we guarantee to cut your lighting energy costs by 50% or more.

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Solar PV

CGE Energy offers affordable, custom solar panel installations that will reduce your energy costs and help support the environment. Take advantage of your roof, grounds or parking structure with clean, affordable solar power.

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The WIND•e20® is an innovative vertical-axis wind turbine designed for on-site energy generation. For clients with adequate wind speeds, the turbine can produce up to 65 kW of energy, which makes it ideal for individual commercial buildings, small businesses, schools, municipal facilities and more.

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Combined Heat and Power

CGE Energy offers highly-efficient Combined Heat and Power (CHP) installations that squeezes more usable energy out of each unit of fuel used. Generate affordable electricity plus heat or hot water production on-site.

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HVAC and Refrigeration

CGE Energy can help you select the best commercial air condition system to meet your needs and bring the maximum comfort and energy savings to your commercial building.

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Energy Storage

CGE Energy will provides scalable energy storagesystems which make it possible to store solar and WIND•e20 wind turbine electricity and use it whenever it’s needed, not just when it’s produced. Batteries guarantee a safe supply of power 24/7, all year round.

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High-Efficiency Water

CGE Energy can apply water-efficient upgrades across a wide range of facilities with varying water needs. This includes significant water savings in your restrooms, kitchens, and landscaping systems as well as for cooling, washing and other purposes.

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Control Systems

CGE Energy can design an energy management solution that can reducing maintenance, operating and equipment costs as well as improve occupant comfort levels. See exactly where your energy dollars are going and pinpoint problem areas.

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