Technologies: Combined Heat and Power

Combined Heat and Power

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is sometimes called “co-generation” because it delivers two forms of energy at once—affordable electricity plus heat or hot water production. CGE Energy offers these efficient CHP installations that squeezes more usable energy out of each unit of fuel used.

Best Use of Energy

We use the world’s leading manufacturers of CHP microturbine power generation systems to bring the best possible experience to our clients. Based on your facility, our engineers will properly size these natural gas-fueled engines to generate electricity and utilize the free “waste” heat that is recovered with CHP.

One Moving Part

CHP requires minimal maintenance with no lubricants or coolants needed.

Optimized for Your Needs

Expandable up to 30MW, we size your CHP system based on the balance of your electricity load and thermal needs.

Extend Equipment Life

By installing CHP, you may reduce wear and tear on existing mechanical equipment, such as boilers.

Highly-Efficient Power

Unlike traditional energy that loses 2/3 of it usefulness, CHP is 80-90% efficient.

Install Combined Heat & Power at your Facility

CGE Energy offers CHP systems through direct sales, financing, or as part of the CGE Sustain Program. CGE Sustain allows you to implement energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades to your facility with immediate positive cash flow and no up front capital expenditure.

Learn More about CGE Sustain.

Comprehensive Energy Projects

Combined Heat and Power can make a huge impact on your utility bills. With our Sustain Program, you can revitalize your facility’s infrastructure and generate power onsite, all with no capital expenditure. Rather than installing once capital project at a time, you have the opportunity to implement a comprehensive project that impacts your entire building.

Schedule our team to perform an initial walk-through of your existing infrastructure (electrical, natural gas, water) and discover the opportunity for energy savings that exists.

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