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WIND-e20®: More than a Turbine

WIND•e20® is CGE Energy’s proprietary small wind turbine technology. The 105-foot turbine can be installed, maintained and removed without a crane. The turbine is quiet, safe for birds, and its blades even fold down before any storms, to then and then re-deploy once conditions pass. Its unique, omni-directional turbine design (vertical axis) allows for power generation regardless of wind direction and in low wind situations.

Benefits of On-site Wind

Innovative Design

At 105 ft., WIND•e20® is installed without the assistance of a crane. All power components are modular and easy to access from the base of the turbine.

Variable Power

WIND•e20® is capable of generating up to 100 kW.


With very few moving parts, the WIND•e20® produces less noise than the wind that’s spinning it.


The turbine is equipped with redundant safety features including aerospace-grade air brakes and blades that fold up in extreme conditions. WIND•e20® is also bird and bat friendly.

Aerodynamic Blades

The wind turbine blades feature an aerodynamic carbon fiber airfoil design, just like an airplane wing. An airfoil has a flat side and a curved side. The result of air passing over the two sides is a force known as “lift” and is converted into rotational momentum which spins the generator. The rotation will be limited to about 80 rpm by using several aviation-style airbrakes in the center sections of the blade.

Sustainable Footing

The foundation requires only a 20x20-ft area of excavation by a common backhoe. The footing is precast concrete that can be removed and reused. Energy storage and cell base station components can also be housed for security underground.

Innovative Installation

WIND•e20® can be installed, maintained, and removed without a single crane. The turbine can be easily delivered on the back of a standard flatbed truck. WIND•e20® self-erects, and it will only take a small crew a few days to install it. Pre-assembled and self-erecting capabilities allow rapid unit deployment.

Our 105-foot tower is designed to optimize 5G delivery. As renewable energy generation with battery storage, it eliminates the expense to run power lines to remote locations and provides 99.999% uptime for mission critical applications. The technology is delivered on a flatbed truck and can be installed within days rather than weeks and is safer for the environment, wildlife and cell tower maintenance workers.

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