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CGE Energy, Inc. and its wholly-owned subsidiary Clean Green Energy, Inc. operates as an energy solutions provider who utilizes the world's leading efficiency and generation technologies. Our services include installing energy efficient LED lighting, solar panels, wind generation and other energy management technologies. Offered under proprietary business models, such as the CGE Sustain program, we bring the right blend of technologies to meet our customer's energy needs. This complete approach makes up our Integrated Energy Solution. Our team has been innovators in the sustainable energy industry since 1989, and was one of the first fifty Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) in the United States. We work with our clients to learn their energy challenges and engineer a solution to positively impact their energy goals and the vision of their organization. "Power to make a difference" is the cornerstone on which we base all of our business' operations.

CGE Energy is a publicly traded company, traded on OTC Markets under the OTC:CGEI ticker symbol.

Board of Directors

The following individuals have been appointed as directors and officers of the corporation:

  • Bryan Zaplitny, President and CEO
  • Gary Westerholm, Chairman of the Board, Vice President - Finance
  • Harold Telners, Chief Financial Officer
  • Mark Cecil, Chief Operating Officer, Treasurer
  • Paul Schneider, Secretary, Vice President - Marketing
  • Kevin Cook, Director
  • Michael Pollakowski, Director
  • Craig Hancock, Director
  • William Naubert, Director

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Fiscal Year End: 9/30
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