Technologies: Energy Storage

Energy Storage

With batteries and other energy storage equipment, it is possible to store solar and WIND•e20 wind turbine electricity, and use it whenever it’s needed, not just when it’s produced. This gives businesses the ability to manage their daily power supply and demand like never before. An energy storage system provides clean and emission free power within milliseconds.

Stable Power Supply

Energy storage systems can act as both an energy reserve for when there is an outage from the utility grid, and to smooth out output spikes during peak demand periods. Batteries guarantee a safe supply of power 24/7, all year round. The energy professionals at CGE Energy will tailor a large-scale energy storage system to meet your individual requirements.


The modular and flexible structure of an energy storage system allows scalability from 10 kW up to multiple MW.

Safe Storage

We only use batteries that have a high level of safety, and that are non-flammable.

Long Life

Our batteries allow for unlimited deep cycling over a 20 year plus system life.

Power Anywhere

The battery housing is weatherproof, and can operate in all climates without the need of a building.

Get Energy Storage at your Facility

CGE Energy offers energy storage systems through direct sales, financing, or as part of the CGE Sustain program when applicable. CGE Sustain allows you to implement energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades to your facility with immediate positive cash flow, and no upfront cost.Learn More about CGE Sustain.

Comprehensive Energy Projects

Energy storage can make a huge impact on your utility bills. With our Sustain program, you can revitalize your facility’s infrastructure, and generate power onsite—all with no capital expenditure. Rather than installing one capital project at a time, you have the opportunity to implement a comprehensive project that impacts your entire building.

Schedule the CGE Energy team to perform an initial walkthrough of your existing infrastructure (electrical, natural gas, water), and discover the opportunity for energy savings that exists

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