Empowering 5G

Empowering a 5G future for all Americans

5G will be revolutionary to infrastructure and technology. 5G isn’t just about faster video streaming and improved communications, it will bring about nearly real-time speeds and will drive world-changing tech such as self-driving cars and remote surgery. Today, it’s estimated that nearly 30 million Americans still lack access to high-speed connectivity, many of those in rural areas.

It’s our mission to ensure Rural America can also participate in this 5G future.

The 5G Future


5G helps increased crop yield and quality through enhanced monitoring of farming conditions


5G represents an amazing advancement in accessibility of data and tools for learning such as virtual reality


Through robotic surgery, doctors can operate on patients that may be thousands of miles away

Autonomous Vehicles

5G will have a major impact on self-driving cars making them smarter and safer

Introducing our sustainable, self-powered 5G cell tower infrastructure that is faster and more cost effective to deploy and operate

Self-powered 5G Cell Tower

Our 105-foot tower is designed to optimize 5G delivery. As renewable energy generation with battery storage, it eliminates the expense to run power lines to remote locations and provides 99.999% uptime for mission critical applications. The technology is delivered on a flatbed truck and can be installed within days rather than weeks and is safer for the environment, wildlife and cell tower maintenance workers.

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Participate in the 5G Future

Help bring the 5G Future to your rural community. 5G will also enable your community to operate at the same connectivity and speed as metro cities. This brings the possibility of eliminating the rural-urban economic divide – potentially moving jobs and business opportunities back into your area.

Unlock 5G connectivity, sustainable power, emergency response services and additional revenue streams for your municipality, school or farm. See if your community is a fit.

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